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All these downloads are products created by me. You can use them in your projects, personal or commercial.
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot Animated background A set of background animations using CSS.
Screenshot Parallax scrolling effect Parallax effect on scrolling. It uses the background-attachment:fixed; property to fix the image and the display:flex; and align-items:center; propert...
Screenshot Responsive tables Script that allow HTML tables to be responsive, that is, that they display well on mobile devices.
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot Dinosaur Dinousaur SVG
Screenshot Hangman A set of 11 images that reproduce the steps of the hangman. It also includes an XCF file so that you can change them.
Screenshot Linux mint Images and logos of the Linux Mint operating system. They include a XCF (GIMP) file so that you can edit them.
Screenshot Lion SVG lion
Screenshot Rocket SVG rocket
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot 4 colors 4 colors is a game that you have to memorize a combination of colors. In every round you will have to remember an extra color. You can run the...
Screenshot Chemical elements quiz Program that enables you to learn the chemical elements, symbols and atomic numbers.To run the program: java -jar chemical-elements-quiz.jar...
Screenshot Magical function generator Program that enables you to draw mathematical functions. It can also generate functions using the Newton interpolation algorithm. You can navi...
Screenshot Snake The traditional snake game that has to eat food to grow. If you hit a wall you die. Controls: arrows. In the control panel you can change the speed, n...
Screenshot The game of life The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970 ...
Screenshot World's voyage Aplication in which you control the Earth. The Earth can bounce in the walls and the window can be resized as much as you want.ControlsMove: Numpad 1,...
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot Lotto numbers generator Script which displays lotto numbers when clicking on a button. It makes use of the jQuery library.
Screenshot Multilevel vertical menu Responsive multilevel vertical menu, which works thanks to the jQuery library.
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot HTML compressor A plugin that compresses HTML.
Screenshot Hangman A cool version of the traditional hangman. Dictionary composed of 110000 English words. Powered by the jQuery library, AJAX and PHP. First of all you...
Screenshot Lotto numbers generator A module that displays lotto numbers when clicking on a button.
Screenshot SCM Music Player Plugin that shows the SCM Music Player in your Joomla website. More information at
Screenshot Send email on comment for K2 Plugin that sends an email to the administrator when someone leaves a comment on a K2 item.
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot Descriptive multi image uploader This is a PHP script that consists of a multiple image uploader powered by the jQuery library. You can change the description of the images and its or...
Screenshot Hangman A cool version of the traditional hangman. Dictionary composed of 110000 English words. Powered by the jQuery library, AJAX and PHP. First of all you...
Screenshot Mailchimp form A widget that displays a mailchimp form used to subscribe to a mailing list.
Thumbnail Name Description
Screenshot Dog barking A 12 seconds audio of a dog barking.
Thumbnail Name Description
X Full screen messages displayer With this program you will be able to display messages one after another, in full screen. Just select the time between messages and press START. It ca...
Screenshot Songs learner Do you feel like improving your English listening skills? There are many options available over there, as well as pieces of software. We are, ther...
CategoryDownloadCreation date
ImagesDinosaur 29/04/2018
ImagesLion 29/04/2018
ImagesRocket 29/04/2018
PHPDescriptive multi image uploader 15/11/2017
ImagesLinux mint 24/10/2017
CSSAnimated background 23/10/2017
CSSParallax scrolling effect 23/09/2017
CSSResponsive tables 21/09/2017
JavaSnake 27/03/2017
JoomlaSCM Music Player 14/11/2016