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SEO - How to rank high in the search engines

In this article we'll see some good pieces of advice so that your website rank high in the search engines.

  1. Duplicate content is the worst enemy of SEO. If Google notices that you have copied text literally from somewhere, you may be penalised. Different URLs pointing to the same content (like, or even are considered duplicate content by Google, so you may be penalised for this. To avoid being penalised with this kind of URLs you can use of the tag <link rel=“canonical” />.
  2. You can also be penalised if you have autogenerated content in your website. For example, grabbing data from a RSS feed and displaying in your website is considered autogenerated content, and Google will sure penalise you. Another form of autogenerated content is having content in different languages, which is translated automatically with a tool like Google translator. If you want to include content from different languages you should pay a human translator to do the job.
  3. Website speed is a another factor that Google takes into account to rank websites. You can use Google Pagespeed insights to test your website speed. If you want to score high in this test, you should use a good and reliable hosting. Then, you can enable gzip compression, minimise the html, minimise the CSS and avoid heavy images, among other things. A very annoying error that often appears is “suppress blocking CSS”, which you can avoid if you put your CSS between <style> tags instead of having external stylesheets. Another annoying error is “suppress blocking JavaScript” , which you can avoid if you put all scripts at the end of the document and not in the <head> section. If you use Google Analytics, you should save the file ga.js in your server instead of pointing to the external ga.js file.
  4. If your website is responsive, that is, it adapts to small screens, it will improve SEO.
  5. If you use the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP you will improve SEO. To use this protocol you can install a free SSL certificate like Let's Encrypt.
  6. The more links "pointing" to your website, the better. But any kind of link might not be worthwhile. These must be quality links and should be "dofollow". The "nofollow" ones basically don't count. The better are the ones that come from websites with a high DA (Domain Authority) and/or PA (Page Authority). Moreover, you don't have to have paid for the links, that is, these must have been created naturally. If Google knows that you have paid for them, it can penalise you.

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