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Hello! I'm Marc Oliveras G. (oligalma), freelance PHP web developer. Welcome to my virtual house.

This is what I offer you

Joomla web design services

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems which exist nowadays. With Joomla is possible to create any kind of website: From a blog o product catalog to an e-commerce. Moreover, there are around 10000 extensions which allow to increase the functionality of your website. Besides being capable of creating your website, I am a Joomla template developer, and I can develop templates with the number of positions you need.

Yii framework web development services

There many occasions where a content management system is not the most suitable tool. Here is when frameworks are useful. Yii is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which exist nowadays. With Yii framework is possible to create tailor-made web applications, in a more flexible way than content management systems. Moreover, Yii is fast, secure and professional. With more than 3 years of experience, here I can help.


Technology education, also known as technology, constists of an knowledge area which is really important to everybody. Support, is a term used, at least in software companies and consulting services. It is said that a person is performing a technical assistance when it is assigned to a client. Once your site is ready you will need some instructions on how to manage your website. Here I can help.

Embeddable games

I have a huge selection of embeddable flash games that you can put in your website if you want to make it more attractive to your visitors. Entertainment, sports, platform, classic, basket to play online. Christmas, action, action puzzle, puzzle, logic, sports, shooting, board, abstract strategy, classic, strategy, memory, card driving, word, picture Puzzle, role playing, educational, math, music, design, maze, eyesight, sudoku, quiz and typing games.


If you are a programmer or a graphic designer you are in the right place! I offer a wide range of downloads so that you can include them in your website. My downloads consists of source codes PHP, Java, Yii, Joomla, Javascript, Visual Basic, and also images and sounds.

Web development tutorials

Moreover, I offer plenty of video tutorials so that you can learn all the languages you need to create your web. With them you can initiate the most current web technologies in the most accessible way. PHP, JQuery, HTML5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Joomla.


  • Rosa M. Wow, I love Oligalma. I had a web design problem and he solved it successfully.
  • Jack P. His web design services are wonderful. He finished my project on time and with great quality.
  • Mario G. He created my Joomla web very well. I will repeat with no doubt.
  • Walt B. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but he managed to design my Yii framework site.
  • Susan M. He succeeded in creating my blog. I am very happy. I will count on him again.
  • Joseph J. I can describe him in just two words: super professional. I recommend him to everybody.

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