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Java - Magic squares generator

Command line program that generates odd magic squares given the length of the side.

There's also a downloadable presentation where you can see, step by step, how an odd order magic square is filled.

License: GPLv3

Size: 16.24 KB
Creation date: 06/11/2019
Last update: 09/10/2022
Downloads: 1020
SHA1: af3d47b736eb30cef
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Size: 20.21 KB
Creation date: 06/11/2019
Last update: 11/07/2021
Downloads: 537
SHA1: f5f814ab8f8aaecc7
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Size: 22.98 KB
Creation date: 04/07/2023
Last update: 05/07/2023
Downloads: 16
SHA1: ee01c6bb773f4abf0
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