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Java - Math function grapher

Swing application which enables you to draw mathematical functions. It can also generate functions using the Newton interpolation algorithm.

You can navigate through the graph, zoom in, zoom out and add/remove points (magnet mode). In the functions created by Newton interpolation algorithm, the points can be dragged (magnet mode).

You can run the program with Eclipse. To run the program without Eclipse: java -jar mfg.jar

License: GPLv3

Size: 501.96 KB
Creation date: 25/03/2016
Last update: 09/10/2022
Downloads: 1760
SHA1: 08147fa011f9b9974
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Size: 416.43 KB
Creation date: 25/03/2016
Last update: 11/07/2021
Downloads: 1108
SHA1: 096ca373a001ce3ac
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