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PHP - Hangman

A cool version of the traditional hangman. Dictionary composed of 14000 English words. Powered by the jQuery library, AJAX and PHP.

First of all you have to select the level of difficulty. (Easy game: You are allowed ten misses. Medium game: You are allowed five misses. Hard game: You are allowed three misses). Next, you have to clic on the “Play” button.

The game consists of guessing a word. There are letters from A to Z and you have to clic on a letter. Then you will see if you have made a mistake or not. The image of the hangman will change if you have made a mistake.

Finally, if you guessed the whole word you will hear an applause sound but, if you have not guessed the word you will hear a boo sound. Next, you can clic on “Play again” if you wish to do so.

License: GPLv3
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Size: 933.51 KB
Creation date: 25/03/2016
Last update: 16/06/2023
Downloads: 3138
SHA1: f4b201b6e34900638
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